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Date: 2017.12.14 Subject: Christmass Event

Greetings Knights,

New event for Christmas in Sparkko!
In this month of December we will be giving away items to all users who like PK!

Collection of Gem of SparkkO!
Destroy the trees that will appear in the Colony Zone bowl
7000 Gems = Set Valkyrie, Gryphon or Bahamut Armor
5000 Gems = Set Black Chitin Armor
3000 Gems = Set Red Chitin Armor
1000 Gems = Set Rebirth Chitin Armor
500 Gems = Set Chitin Shell Armor

Christmass Three drop
Resurrection Scroll (High)
Acid potion (Hight)
Transformation Scroll Normal (High)
Transformation Scroll Premiun (Low)
Abyss Fire (Low)
400 AC Scroll (High)
3000 HP Scroll (High)
Undy Scroll (Very Low)

Users who complete any of these requirementsSend us a message with your nickname to our facebook (inbox) or to

- SparK Online staff